Thursday, May 17, 2018

Words have power

With group of my friends, I discussed your DNA cause lung cancer not smoking,  the amount of people dies from diabetes is 3 times more then lung cancer (SMOKING).
This was made up sentence but .
The result? Four of them believed what I said.
Two of them start smoking.
Words, when said and articulated in the right way, can change someone's mind.
You have the power to bring somone from slumps of life and make a successful person out of them or or destroy someone's happiness using only your words.
Does that seem a bit too good to be true?
A simple choice of words can make a difference someone accepting or denying your message.
If a very serious issues get explain by an ordinary person no one will admire him and the message never get across.
But most importantly, if you are a role model who's being admire, anything you say could be believed,
My friend Ali, he loved his father, idealize his father.
But his father is kind of person who is easy to impress.
First year in university Ali got high marks and top in all university with A+ marks,
And he thought this the thing which will make my father proud of me,
He called his father and told him I pass with A+ marks .
Are you proud? Please tell me you're proud father.
his father said " hey listen  son I have to call you back I 'm busy"
"I m busy" was single sentence that broke camel 's back.
He start drinking, drug and hanging out with wrong crowd.
"Ali why"
He said "if the one person in the world that I care about the most, doesn't care then why should I do, after using drugs one day he died.
It is clear that a single word or sentence could have saved Ali.
Words have power, you can change a life, inspire people and make this world beautiful place or you can kill people your mouth can spit venom or mend a broken soul.

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