Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Yesterday

what is difference between sleeping and death?
A beautiful answer:
sleeping is half break of life and died is full break of life.

I thought to make a small  shack but sometimes needs of life make us  emigrant.

Life goes by his own rules. it is the dead soul who need shoulders.
life starts with morning and ends with dark night, life finishes just this way
some of us cries to get satisfy ourself and some of us smile to hide the pain.

you can not buy happiness and their is no buyer of your  loneliness.
i always wear expensive watches but  time never follow my orders.
one  small mistake i put watch in my hand now the time is following me and reminding me that i don't have much time.

life has become like bus conductor.
we are traveling  everyday but we don't have any destination.

very common questions,when someone ask you. how are you?
you say i am fine.
This is the truth, life teaches us acting, and we have to act, if you live life with rules.
now world 's scientist are trying to find out how can we find way to life in moon.
but we forgot to find how to find happiness  in life.

we are not in contact with our old friends so why we are looking for new friends???

Noting has been changed it our though who wants to jump higher then our hight in search of future, so if  we don't want to  lose our today , be free to express your love to life.

Inspired from My yesterday :) :)

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