Thursday, May 5, 2016

Who am I?

I am lost treasure that losted him self in search of sparks of life which always taught me how to present the view that i learnd how to find the beautifull words that touchs souls not mind,
The mind always judged me with the logics that it have but soul feel the pain of words and let me fly so hight,
I was an artist of love with my self, nowdays i can't find any wings on shoulders, so i asked from mirror who am i ? And what i am looking for in such small world and why i wishes to fly with no wings, or i forgot that my view was used to take in sky i am sure the wings have been stack somewhere that is why i forgot that ,The who univers is inside me.

The future have the pain and  screams after looking that so depressed humans who forgot everything about love and being loved.

So i found my self and asked him why i am likes this he told me " all we need is love all we want is love so start loving your self after that you can spread the perfume of love "

 Asad Ghouse :)

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