Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Humanity is My Nationality

16 years ago in a city of pakistan a family was living one of their sons was Me ,
In the same street lots of afghan families were living like one big family,
The used to be so strong and helpfull to each other, when ever i see the love and the respect between them i was imagining that what a great souls the have, i was so excited this was the thing that brought us together and i used to ask myself if with this much afghans we are this much strong what if we were in Afghanistan? it was something very interesting for me to see the same thing after some months we arrive back to afghanistan their was lots of people who were going back to the "land of loins" as the believed but unfortunately it was truth less.

We reached but it was not something that i was expecting it was the other side of coin which no one could see especially those  who were living far from afghanistan the were madly writing poems about unity and equality, but in my point of view it was just some joined words with out any kind of meaning.

After spending many years I realized that if you try to start solving problems it will be your the end becuase no one can handle the truth the just stacked in past.
The present  situation is completely like shit, the are happy with same thing actually this 14 years in afghanistan i saw many changes but only in the clothing and the way the live but in thier mind the have the same dark nights which and the fire of revenge from an innocent eyes that why your past generations did these things with our grandfathers,
At the end you create an invorment that will be kill the love, unity, respect, specially humanity.

Don't give your pains us lagacy to your coming generations we are tiered of complaining, fighting,disrespecting if we grow a tree outside of our home it became shield for your house but if we grow a thisle it gives you poison and with that poison you might kill your human being which is still alive in us.

So don't give us another name we are Afghan,  their are problems in our country let's slove it or try not to be apart with such names, Hazara, Tajik, Pashtun, Uzbak.
Asadullah Ghouse

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