Monday, November 28, 2016

Life is beautiful

what is life and how we can see it ?
In my perspective life was a box And I was inside of that box with dark sheds I only suppose to feel lines of boundaries, Didn't had any idea why I put a free soul in cage? All these and other questions have many answers but in my case I was afraid to live life, I used to see my self from different eyes and Also didn't had any idea how I can life it?

So I thought let's try to ask the life how he can define him to us.

I had lots of why ???? questions.
 This is what life told me

Hi, I am LIFE.......
Well!!! Different kind of people add different things with me such us Hard Life, Complicated life, clod life, painful life, poor life, Rich life and many more ,, so let me tell you all I have only one Name Beautiful Life.
Eveything in this life it's beautiful but only beautiful eyes can feel and beautiful souls can see. Let me explain, when you pray, when you cry, when you kiss you close your eyes because beautiful things can't be seen. let's try this go out in rain close your eyes forget all problems and feel each drop of rain then a really amazing feeling comes out and most people call it beautiful life.
Time to make your mind beautiful I am sure then you will see me beautiful.
Life says: I will fail to be perfect but I never get fail to be beautiful 🌻🌻🌻

Asad Ghouse

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