Thursday, October 19, 2017

Climate change

Climate change these days a big issue in which everyone is involved as per as i know it sounds very sensitive issuse, but thier might be some people who don't even heard this word and i 'm one of those who did't knew .i Was not aware of it, specially in country like afghanistan anc city like kabul in which 4.3 million people live it sounds horrible. But thanks to Vikes training  who arrange a workshop for journalists in which i had gain lots of new things and climate change was one of them while eveyone was talking about it i was like what are the talking about?  Then as usal i google then i find lots of results in one of them it was mentioned climate change causes prostitution ? And i was like this is looks interesting then i start reading it. In this artical the strarted with climate change and end up to Prostitution that how the farmers couldn't get any output from their agriculture  and in other hand the need to feed their Families and from here the womens of the families end up to prostitution.
After that i start learnng more and some how try to find out some more stories from afghanistan i was sure that i might find lots of stories that effect people life using same topic (climate change).
And also i found out why i was not aware of these topic. Because in Afghanistan we have lots of other issues that climate change did't came out so good or mayby their might be some people who really spreading stories using  climate change.

In conclusion what i learn that keeping the envoirment  clean is all we should do to avoid the problems that climate change will cause.

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