Saturday, December 2, 2017


Write water in water with water.
Feel deepness of this sentence. This is the answer of question which was ask from a spiritual soul by fearful soul and the answer amazed him maybe he found solution for his situation  in this sentence. I mean why we are lost in a situation that could clear the puzzles that we need to face on next stage of dark room of our life. 
Human being 's so common statution which is create too many mess.
ability to know about future and we lost the best moments of precent that already became past and unlimite wish to change that past moment that was present in which we could't focus because we were so busy planing for future and all of these did'd end up in healthy points.
We don't accept the truth of our mistake because we became so busy in judging, laughing, crying reacting on somone 's life to make them feel weak.
To get out of these try to cry so loud that your soul get free from the fake pain which hurt your ego.
As long as we don't limit our dreams, expectation and fear, we can't set to fly in sky to reach the peak of satisfaction, i won't advice to kill but try to limit the hight of dreams, expectation and fear other wise it can kill the strongest  part of your confident.

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