Saturday, December 9, 2017

Today 's life

Life have many stages, In every stage we learn something, wish something, love, lose something but still we won't realize the more we gain more we find ourself lost in it, then we will lose interest in facts of life.
If we look back we can see changes in our characters, strength, feelings, relationships and knowledge.
Knowledge that never inspired someone, character that nerver exposed to someone, strength which was surrounded by fears, feeling which was not expressed, relationships which never get placed in memories, and this can't be called beautiful life.

These days we can see things are getting expensive such us houses, cars, trips, brands, over all our need, but in other hand things getting cheaper such us humanity, respect, love, honor and the very cheapest  is human being 's life. And the worst thing is that we all know about this bitter facts, we can't  change these unless we don't kill our greed, ego.
Greed can't be only for money, every one of us have our own so find it.
We are running so fast in a race that we left behind our everything, everyone and at end of this race the death will be winer not we so why we should not make it a morning walk and live every single moment with peace and love and full of memories?

Personally i learn a basic thing from my school 's first day.
The more i ask myself the more it open my mind with a bright picture of life, then i can decide better for me and all beautifull souls because no soul born with negative mind it 's so called us who became the reason.

One last thing in this world we can find many different kind of animals and the strangest of all is called human.
Because once a dog said "A good quality of humans is speaking/ talking / language with used of this they can tell their thoughts, messages, feelings about their thinkings and make each-other understand but apart from all these their is lots of misunderstanding in them".

Life have small moments join them spread them and make them beautiful life full of good people and memories.💐💐💐💐💐

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