Sunday, April 29, 2018

Maintain balance

One morning papa came, woke me up and said "Yahya"
"I m going to teach you how to ride a cycle today"
The moment I stepped out a brand new cycle waited me, when I saw it and my inocent mind stared jumping up and down,
But as I noticed the absence of training wheels my excitement came to a standstill so on the small seat of that small cycle I placed my small bum push down on the peddles the wheels started turning and staggering and my cycle move forward which me very happy joyful, I wanted to turn and tell my papa " look Dad, I've learnt how to cycle "
But dad was standing far behind and seeing him far away, scared me
The fear made me cycle swerve and stagger again
And for the first time, I fell down
And my bum which was earlier well placed on seat was now flat on group my dad came running Gave me a smile, picked me up and took me back home,
So next day I decide today I will get over this fear so I started riding my cycle at a great speed
My dad kept screaming from behind " son you're going so fast  slow down "
"Look, there is a pothole a head of you ....... You will crash into somone..."
But all of my dad 's advice had somehow vanished in the face of my speed, the still wind, has suddenly started kissing me and I had started to fall in love with this wind speed but then all of sudden my feet slipped from pedal, cycle slipped and I came crashing into the ground and for the first time, I cried and my knees bled but what was really injured me was my pride
Dad came running towards me he picked me up, without smiling this time
He took me home and said
"Don't ride the cycle tomorrow." But now I wanted to ride the cycle
The next morning I got up before the sun took my cycle off stand and rode for miles
Took a turn and came back home without falling,
This morning I was the one who woke up dad  narrated the story with lots of happiness and in end I said"look dad, I learnt cycling "
Dad smiled and said " son you're not only learnt cycling, but you've also learn how to walk on the road of life "
He told me how the handle was our focus
The padal is our hard work
And moving cycle was our success
Which was moving on the road called life
He made me understand that many times, I'll fall because of the speed of my pride and the padal of relationships but I have to get up and make the cycle stand again and continue my journey until death comes on my way...........
Life demands moving and you will go far in your life..