Friday, May 4, 2018

Positive Vs Negative

Once a joker said a joke to his audience for the first time and everyone laughed so loud,
He said the same joke for second time less of audience laughed and when he said the same joke for third time nobody laugh at all.
The he said a pleasant thing,
If you can't get happy over and over with one same happiness, then why you cry over and over one pain?

When ever you get sad  it means you accepted a lie as truth.
What is difference between pain and sadness?
Pain mean physical pain which exists but shall I get sad because of that pain or not this is on my hand.
Sadness is untouchable but our mind tell us to feel bad about something which has happened,
My boyfriend has left me so I 'm sad  so is it worth being sad just because of somone 's action.
It was a lie that I accept as truth and living in that and punishing my mind is not worthy.

So if you're positive understand the reason of having and losing of somone and if you're negative you hold yourself in that moment which killing your mind.


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