Thursday, May 10, 2018

Beautiful view

Today i was walking around the lake to find a place, and to observe some thoughts from silent nature, each drop of rain that touch the sea.
With lots of questions i close my eyes took a deep breath and i see the sky under my feet in the water reflected.
after looking for long  in water i realized that why we are trying to find beauty in everything somtimes our veiws makes it beautiful.
 The real beauty is inside of all but instead of expressing we act like slave of society,
Sometimes hard to understand our souls language and suddenly we start thinking about other view how they will react, which make us same like them
be original, don't waste your time to be perfect because being perfect is impossible
the more you try the more society expect.

Think big but try to live in small moments these small moments makes life full of beautiful memories,
Don't ever wait for big things to show Up your celebrations.
there is no tomorrow,
So live your life today with love and humble.

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