Thursday, July 19, 2018

Our Misconception

XXXTentacion a singer who just died.
These days when we get words of these (young) celebrities dying, a lot of us get so upset because we think  " they're too young to go".
But we are all under misconception that we're all going to live up to 100 years old.
If you were supposed to live until the age of 20 & you're 19 years old,that's 95 % of your life.
If you're 18 years old, then that is 90 % of your life.
Remember death doesn't care how old are you!
Death doesn't care about what race you are , death is not racist, it won't see your skin color,
Death will just come and take you when you time is over.
This should motivate us when we see people like this (XXXTentacion) should motivate us to not procrastinate.
To not waste any time. And to be good human beings and to draw closeness to our creator, family, friends,wife, husband.
most importantly do not procrastinate!

Reminds me of a close friend of mine who used to say "I will " and that later just because of the ego which was controlling him,
He never expressed his feelings towards his creator, family, friends.
Used to say " tomorrow " but he didn't knew life is full of surprises, and he can't make up to tomorrow.
Who knows their might be no tomorrow, to say ( sorry,love you,forgive me,forgive you,)
Don't let your ego kill your or anyone 's innocence.
spread love we are already srounded  by hate, competition, jealous, greed.
Before death touchs you complete your tasks. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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